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The Village at Meridian

The Village at Meridian

Shopping Center in Meridian, ID

The perfect gathering place for friends and family, The Village at Meridian features upscale apparel and specialty retail, fine restaurants and cafes, Village Cinemas, and luxury office space. Designed with European style architecture, the buildings and tree lined village streets surround a park setting complete with a children's play area and world class show fountain with hourly shows choreographed to lights and music. Located in the heart of Idaho's Treasure Valley, The Village at Meridian is a unique and unexpected destination you have to experience for yourself. What's your pleasure? Movies, concerts, arcades, local entertainment and much more, The Village at Meridian provides a wide selection of activities to keep families and friends coming back again and again.


The Aquarium of Boise

The Aquarium of Boise

Aquarium in Boise, ID

Dedicated to enhance the quality of life for all terrestrial and aquatic animals The Aquarium of Boise offers an educational and fun experience to all visitors! The Aquarium houses more than 250 different species of animals and marine life making it a perfect place to explore!


Roaring Springs

Roaring Springs

Family Fun Center in Idaho

Roaring Springs is the best for family fun. Complete with a waterpark, a bowling, and Wahooz family fun zone, you will never have an excuse to be bored!

An Easier Commute

Welcome to our thriving neighborhood at Cottages at Stonesthrow in Boise, ID! Our Boise townhomes for rent provide you with endless opportunities for entertainment, adventure, and relaxation. Adventure outdoors to Quinn’s Pond, Tully Park, Settlers Park, The Boise Zoo, The Idaho Botanical Garden, and more. Grab a bite to eat from local restaurants such as Moe Joe’s Breakfast Eatery or Louie’s Pizza & Italian. Our townhomes for rent in Boise give you close access to The Village, which offers various shopping and dining options. Happily located on the border of Meridian and Boise, we are placed next to parks, walking paths, a splash pad, and so much more. Spend the day at the Aquarium of Boise or Roaring Springs Water Park. Further your education at Boise State University or ISU’s campuses. At the end of each day, you will love coming home to Cottages at Stonesthrow, where you will have plenty of space to call your own. Within our neighborhood, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. Join our townhomes for rent in Boise today.  

Benefits of Our Location

  • Boise's rich tapestry is woven with more than just its scenic landscapes; it's also home to an innovative spirit that thrives in the area around Cottages at Stonesthrow. This neighborhood is not just a place to live, but a springboard into the cultural heartbeat of Idaho.
  • Beyond the proximity to Boise State University, Cottages at Stonesthrow residents have the unique advantage of being a stone's throw away from some of the most forward-thinking educational initiatives. The Boise area’s educational landscape is peppered with programs like the STEM-focused ‘Riverstone International School,’ offering a global approach to learning that is reshaping the community's educational standards.
  • Gardening fans might be surprised to find that the Boise area, including the vicinity of Stonesthrow, has an active community of urban gardeners. The ‘Idaho Green Expo’ showcases sustainable living and provides insights into urban agriculture, which residents can translate into their own community gardening efforts.
  • The spirit of conservation is strong near Stonesthrow, with initiatives like the ‘Boise River Greenbelt’ project. It provides a habitat for local wildlife and a recreational area for residents, fostering a sense of community and responsibility toward nature's preservation.
  • While Stonesthrow provides a tranquil living space, it is also just moments away from the 'Hyde Park Street Fair', an annual celebration that brings together the eclectic mix of Boise's community with music, art, and food, highlighting the vibrancy of the area's social calendar.
  • Art aficionados might be interested to know that Boise is a hub for emerging artists, with initiatives like 'Surel’s Place' not far from Stonesthrow. It offers a residency program that supports artists, and its ripple effect is felt in the community with increasing public art installations and galleries featuring local talent.
  • The City of Meridian has a proactive approach to cycling safety and theft prevention. They have partnered with Bike Index, a non-profit organization, to provide a free bicycle registration service. This initiative helps in recovering lost or stolen bicycles and also serves as a deterrent against bike theft.

  • The Cottages at Stonesthrow not only offers a picturesque living space but are also a gateway to experiencing the layers of Boise's rich community life. These insights reveal a tapestry of educational innovation, sustainable living, culinary exploration, conservation, festive culture, and artistic expression—all woven into the neighborhood's fabric. As you consider your new home here, you’re not just choosing a place to live; you are stepping into a living, breathing ecosystem that promises growth, connection, and discovery at every corner. This is a place where every day can be an exploration—an opportunity to uncover the many hidden jewels Boise has to offer.      

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What unique educational opportunities are available near Cottages at Stonesthrow?
    Near Cottages at Stonesthrow, residents have access to innovative educational programs, such as the STEM-focused Riverstone International School, which offers a global approach to learning and contributes to raising community educational standards.

    Are there local farm-to-table dining experiences in the Stonesthrow vicinity?
    Absolutely! Food enthusiasts at Stonesthrow can discover Boise's farm-to-table dining, like 'The Hidden Table', which crafts seasonal menus with ingredients sourced from local farms and producers, enriching the culinary scene.

    Is there a supportive environment for artists near Stonesthrow?
    Yes, Boise fosters emerging artists with initiatives like Surel’s Place near Stonesthrow, providing a residency program for artists, which has led to an increase in public art and galleries showcasing local talent.

    Are there any family-friendly activities nearby?
    Yes. At Stonesthrow you’ll find nearby parks, a splash pad, and attractions like Roaring Springs Water Park. Ours is one of the best neighborhoods in Boise that caters to families looking for entertainment and recreational activities.

    Can residents enjoy outdoor activities within the community?
    Yes, the community is designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, not far from walking paths, parks, and green spaces that encourage outdoor activities and foster a healthy lifestyle.
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